God is right behind the deodorant.

P1420879This is my medicine cabinet.  The tooth bush and tooth paste are on the sink.  I am not particularly a stickler for neat.  I only live with dogs, so no one complains about appearances.  And no one has a particular order to their lives.  Other than the daily visits to the dog park, and the required two per day dog feedings, there are not assigned places for anything .  If the place is flat, it is a storage area.   So that presents a problem.

I don’t have a spot in my house to put stuff after I use it.  Oh, “put it back where you found it.”  Easy for you to say.  The result of my actions.  The classic “overlook”.  It is not that I am forgetful, though I may be.  (For I am a practitioner of the “what did she just say her name was..”)  But this practice of mine is just careless.  The place it on the flat surface,  and overlook that spot when it is time to use again.  The Fulton overlook, not to be confused with a scenic overlook, which I actually enjoy.

. P1420862

Now I struggle mightily with this condition.  Particularly as it applies to car keys, and my money, and my drivers license.  And yes I know I waste time searching for these things over and over again.  And yes I was a corporate training manager of sales forces.  And yes I know the “rules”.  And yes… yesss…… yesssssss.

Oh and yes I purchase and repurchase the same thing because of this.  And yes it probably caused marital problems.  And I am now thankful that Casa Canine provides shelter for me… and unintended chew toys for my dogs.


It is OK to judge me.  I really don’t think there are eternal consequences to my condition.  And because I sell on Ebay, and collect stuff to resell, I am either a picker on the decline, or a hoarder on the mend.  Choose your reality show and blend.  The real Picker of Tulsa County.  But I digress.. it is also part of my stream of consciousness life and thoughts and writing style..

Which returns me now to the medicine cabinet.  Where the heck is my deodorant.  Three days, it took me to find it.  Three days, and why.  Because instead of putting it back in the medicine chest in an upright position….

P1420877 I happened to lay it on it’s side.  The Speed Stick was right in front of me, but I could not see it.  The Fulton overlook is in progress.   See it in the medicine cabinet picture at the top of this blog post… there it is.  But I could have used it and set it down on any available flat surface after use. Really, I looked on the dining room table, the kitchen, my bedroom.

Ok, there’s the baby power, on the dining room table.  Excellent substitute for now.  POWDER UP.  Works for infants and strippers (or so I am told).  Go with the baby powder.  Maybe tomorrow I will find the Mennen.  And honestly, my dogs don’t care.  And my Ebay clients don’t know.  And I rarely sweat while at the keyboard.

I “powdered up” for 2 more days. As shared, I primarily sit at home and work on Ebay listings, and travel to the dog park, so it was not an issue, like losing my cell phone.  I can’t, however, message my Facebook friends and ask them to call my deodorant, to help locate it when it rings.  Some of you reading this blog have dialed me up.  You know who you are, and I thank you.

And then I found it.  For the same reason I rarely know why I put anything in any of the places I do.  I found my Speed Stick on its side in the medicine cabinet, in the place it was suppose to be.  It was a Miracle.  Or it was, as I come to find out in Casa Canine, it was a lesson.

Great, eternal consequences.  When I overlook my deodorant.

God it appears is involved in the scenic overlook business.  And If I am not attentive I will overlook that also.  And that stinks.  That causes me a Spiritual sweat.

Psalms 19:1-2 The Heavens Declare the Glory of God

For the choir director. A Psalm of David. The heavens are telling of the glory of God; And their expanse is declaring the work of His hands. Day to day pours forth speech, And night to night reveals knowledge.

Now I understand that there are dissenters to this point of view.  I think it is because your deodorant is lying on its side.  Easy to overlook.  And certainly the world is flat when it comes to laying down a life’s journey.  So easy to pile up the stuff.. everything begins to look good.  I will take a little of this and little of that, and then I will powder up and I am ready to live.

And well you might just be.

For me, God was right behind the deodorant.  He was there all along.

And more good news.  Things are beginning to smell better, longer, at Casa Canine.  And also in my life.

One thought on “God is right behind the deodorant.

  1. You just described my life. Substitute the word deodorant to child. Yes, Child. Growing up 6 active children, I would loose one now and then and have to call the police to help me find him or her. He or she were either high in a tree, under a tub or in the hen house hiding or sleeping. I panicked every time praying out loud, yelling their name, running down to the pond, just the normal mom freak out. Today it is my cell phone, keys, pens, and making it home with groceries. I love your final words, “God was right behind the deodorant”. Yes, Yes, indeed He is.

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