Be Prepared..

I was a really bad boy scout.  I mean I just did not get the be prepared thing.  I loved boy scouts.  I loved camp outs, short hikes, and meals with adolescent peers and a wise mentor or two.

Be prepared.  To me that was two cans of Vienna sausage and a pocket knife.  In case I got hungry and in case the other scouts tied my shoelaces together.  I was not particularly good at the merit badge and oath thing.  But I did make it partway up the Scout hierarchy of achievement (Star scout).  Certainly not an Eagle Scout.

Last night and into this morning it snowed in Tulsa.  Be prepared alert.  I had already been to the store a day early.

prepared So I had earned my survival skills merit badge.  I was truly ready for the storm.  But as I have come to discover, life is not all beer and oatmeal.

Those of you who know me, particularly through Facebook, know the Residents of Casa Canine.  Tank, Fred and Shelly are the permanent residents with me. And foster addition, Bosco.

They prepared for the storm with great ease.  It is almost like they didn’t even know they should be concerned.  And they should not be.  These dogs have a preparer of the comforts.  Me.  And by the way they like Vienna Sausages on their kibble.  I actually have gotten pretty good at it.


But there are also others who frequent my porch for food and drink. The Ferals.  Yes I am a crazy cat person.  And on a summer day you can see Survivor, Thor, and Spooky lounging regularly on my front porch nearly every day.  But they won’t come into Casa Canine.  And there are others, Midnight, Snow, Madras, and Dijon.  But they are the night visitors.


Survivor was the first.  She was actually captured and neutered.  And after a failed attempt to turn her into a house cat. she chose to stay outside.

survi surviv

Survivor became a friend.  A Feral, she earned her friendship badge, and then began to invite her friends.  Apparently she did not mention the capture and neuter part of the deal.  But the result is I have a colony that visit me.  And they are welcome to the hospitality.  (15 pounds of cat food/week)


Oh did I mention it snowed last night in Tulsa?


Well I thought I was prepared.  Shovels, Ice Melt, even some cat shelters in anticipation of the cold. Styrofoam lined boxes, which I had made to protect the cats from the chill.  And I have seen them seek shelter in these over the past week or two.  Merit Badge two as it were.  Good for me.

But then, it happened.  I went out to start my car.  Returned to Casa Canine while the auto warmed a bit.  And then off on a snow covered street errand.  Driving in the snow…. prepared.  Raised in the New York State and Kansas City, and most of my adult life in Colorado.. I am prepared for snow covered drives.  In fact I honestly love them.  I just am NOT ready for surprises.


I love you Survivor.  I just was not prepared for this.  Survivor in the snow. Peering in my glass front door, and looking unprotected.   I felt helpless for the moment.  And could offer little or no further protection because Casa Canine may not offer a feline safety zone.

And of course it makes me think about my life and what I believe.  And just how much love it takes to be prepared.

And Jesus said “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.”  John 14:3.

And for the first time I realized that to “Be Prepared” is not about me.  It is about those that I love.  I am just too old for this stuff.  And I have never been more thankful to learn it.

Never too late to be an Eagle Scout at living.

2 thoughts on “Be Prepared..

  1. You are amazing! Laughed about the feline friends not being told about the capture and neuter package, but cried about the heart string pulls and the eloquence of your words. What a blessed gift you have and share.
    By the way, I forced both of my boys to see scouts through to Eagle. As my dad would say, “Jill earned Eagle status . . . twice.

  2. ahh, thanks so much for taking care of the kitties. Yesterday I got home and opened up the garage door, and a black cat ran inside. Never saw him before. I tried to pet him and he ran out again, which is good, because my shephard/coonhound mix thinks cats are prey. Anyway, I just prayed that cat would come back or find shelter. It is ten degrees right now and going to be 2 in the morning. I remembered that God will take of all of us, and just layed my fears down.

    I love love love this post, I agree with others that either a post in the newpaper or a book would be a great gift to the world. Today I am so blessed and greatful that I get to see these posts, who give me moments of ahhhhhh and lessons.

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