The final goodbye…. tears, smiles….. next

This was never planned.  I certainly believe it was set in stone long before I knew it could happen. Long before I met my avatar Nancy in 1977, or my wife Michelle who started this process before she died.  This “thing,” which now tends to consume me… this mission to get rid of street cats and stray dogs.  I was born for this.

Eighteen in the last 2 1/2 years.   Dogs that the world need not be troubled with any longer. (I will not for the moment, speak of the cats)  I look to the streets regularly to rid our city of this growing problem.  Capture, corral, eliminate.  My city, my neighborhood, hell the world does not need these kind of dogs or cats.. but dogs.  Dogs are my mission.  I will get them off the street and rid my world of them one critter at a time.

Bosco, Oscar, Perry, Steve, Mocha, Alpha, Delta, Ike, Jack, Red, Hark, Herald, Angel, Nell, Annie, Morey, Jay, and Heygirl.   Yes I name them before I get them “gone”.  They come into my world and I will do all I can to get them out of my world.  If I don’t get you gone… you are destined for a life at Casa Canine!


Oh, don’t get the wrong idea.  I DON’T eliminate dogs the seek out and destroy way.  I rescue dogs, “fix them”, train when I can, foster and find them forever homes.  I really did not plan on this as an avocation… it is NOT a hobby, I am not a hoarder.  I am just amazed that there are dozens, hundreds, thousands of dogs that are euthanized because people are cruel, selfish, lazy.. or “other”.

There are many stories.  And some day I may tell each individually.  But most of the time the story is the same… A stray or abandoned dog comes into my life because it walks my way, or walks into the lives of close friends who call me.


There have been litter mates– the offspring of Mocha.  Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omega.  Who were found by the road by my dear friend Emily, and brought to me.  That was the “biggest” project.

nell and me

Or driveway, free puppy garage sale Nell.


And of course Bosco, an owner surrender.


And one of my favorites, Perry.  He was very sick and dumped on my street with a bag of food and a collar and leash.  And was scratching on my neighbor’s door.

And they all come to Casa Canine.  But I can’t do this by myself.  I have loving friends and inedible encouragement from my Facebook family.  And the unbelievable assistance from a great group at R&R…  And assistance and special encouragement from Amy, Nancy, Beth, Jay, Ann, my brother and his wife, and so many more.

And now I have two, Morey and Annie.  Two pups who recently lived in the home of a dog hoarder along with 48 other dogs.

morey and annie

And they come and then they go… one in as few as 6 days, Mocha after 5 months.   Along with my regular cadre of three, Tank, Fred, and Shelly.  And my Feral, now “family of cats” Survivor, Thor and Jimbo.  This is Casa Canine


But when they go, there are always tears, the smiles come shortly after, and then another foundling appears at the gate.

And occasionally, after my fosters graduate from Casa Canine, and move to their forever homes, they send a letter to their foster home.  It does not happen often and I understand that I was just a visitor in their life’s journey.  But occasionally they do let me know how they are.  There are always tears of joy… whether they contact me or not.  But when they do, I am grateful beyond measure.


So this is my happy time

Annie is going to meet a new family in a few hours… don’t know if I will ever hear from her again… But I am so blessed…   If you are reading this… you should consider being blessed also.  You should hook into a rescue group and increase your joy and foster a pooch.  At the very least, follow the advice of Bob Barker… spay or neuter.

Until then…..

Morey is waiting…. and he says Thanks….


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