P1430506Refreshed, I arise refreshed.  But not because I slept in length and luxury, but because with the awakening comes a new opportunity to be alive.  In truth the nights are far shorter than they have been in a very long time.  And though I still enjoy a deepening slumber, I relish even more recounting the joyful play of the now passed day, and anticipate without expectation that joy will abound in even greater measure when I awake.

I do not lie awake filled with questions of the day.  My active mind is a testament to the joy awakened… feral animals, for real people, all alive, and often far better because our lives and paths have crossed.  I review the day, and try not to laugh out loud, though I would only disturb my dogs.

In review, among the many other blessings.

A bowl of food consumed an the front porch.

A meal prepared in my kitchen and shared around the dinner table for guests who’s lives have touched mine.

I am so much richer today than I was yesterday.  I hardly have time to put words to paper, but I feel it necessary to make this time.

When the gift possessed is the gift of hospitality, it is a gift unused and neglected unless given and received.

I am awake.  I await patiently, expectantly the next call.  I did not know I would get so young as I aged.

I am awake… it is a prelude.  “Dumpster” diving for living treasure.  Look what I found!!

And the band plays on…

I need to remember that on occasion the music stops. The enjoyment will pause.  My life does NOT end. Every dance band takes a break between sets. And I will hear the melody again. I WILL sing a new song daily. I dance with joy.. Fulton 7:77

I am awake.

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