Were those instructions meant for me?



There are moments in my life, omg (oh my goodness) moments, moments of realization. Often followed by reformation and life renewing energy

Today, it seems a moment like this arrived.

My life has been filled with bad decisions.  As well as good.  But the moments of caution ignored.  I reflect on my youthful actions, and marvel that I still enjoy life.  I have been guarded and protected for reasons only explained for me with Supernatural explanations.

And I am a guy.  I somehow think I can avoid instructions and directions.  I will learn as I struggle.  Of course I will also assemble a kit and finish the job with leftover pieces.  Oh please work.  Please, please, please.  I was once a professional cook.  Recipe?  Really.  Yes really.  And I made many a covered dish to share with friends, neighbors, church suppers and the like.  I even had my own restaurant.  “Bob, that was great!  Can I have your recipe?”  Why sure.  Knowing full well that the requester would probably never make the dish again I would fumble through a written copy.

What is remarkable is that instructions actually have a purpose.  No I am serious.  There is a reason to do things in order and according to design, as written on the sides of boxes and bottles, and assembly guides.  That does not mean that I am loyal to this process, but today, this morning I actually followed some instructions.  I did it to prove that I did not need to.  I did it because I was certain the guidelines were without purpose.  I am only 62, I can learn, but I can also use my vast knowledge to debunk the myth.

So I find myself in the shower.  Nothing unusual.  But the morning was cold, and I was particularly stiff and achy.  So I decided to linger under the warm streams of water.  The lower back was truly a beneficiary of this extended time.  And then I had a Serendipity moment.  As I shampoo my head, I laugh and said these words aloud.. or I think I said them.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

When have I ever done that?  When I had hair and went to a salon, the barber would do that for me.  But in my alone time, with no accountability to follicle maintenance, when did I do that complete process last.  Lather, Rinse, Repeat.  What a waste.  But today was a breakthrough moment.  I mean I wanted to linger in the shower for wet hot therapy anyway… Go for it.  Grab your roots and follicles by the roots and follicles.

So I did what I always have done.  I lathered and rinsed.  And then as if possessed I repeated.  Breaking new ground.  I lathered again.  And oh my.  The suds exploded on my scalp.  There was a new tingle on my balding dome.  No exaggeration, it was a moment of invigoration.  It was so wonderful I had to Google “lather, rinse, repeat”.

And what do I learn.  I am not just involved in a hair cleansing process anymore.  “The idea of the first step is not to wash your hair, but rather to clean your scalp and remove the sebum (oil) and product that has accumulated since your last shampoo.”  I was, it appears a sebum factory.

I did NOT know this until I rinsed and repeated.  And during the second step my head felt so good.  And frankly, I am writing this on Sunday evening, and I think my scalp still tingles in a very good way.

I am now inspired to investigate the sides of boxes.  Well maybe not.  Because how hard can the recipe for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in the blue box be?

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