So Rarely do I look again.

It seems like a good day to drive.   And look, and see                                                                 Through the aftermath of the war of ice that attacked my home                                               And the surrounds of the city, and I am startled by the beauty of the                               newly encased world of ice


Trees bending low, I hear the sounds in the quiet morning of the cracking, is that ice?        Or is the the sound of branches about to leave their homes?  I drive by quickly, hoping soon to see or hear something else

I see the evidence of the fallen ones.  There are limbs on the ground.


Power lines encased in an icy sheath add weight and girth to the wires now heavy,  An experiment in tensile strength and the resistance to the laws of gravity are in a battle for dominance.


And I stop, and I look.  I observe the wonder, the power, the destruction.  It is a quiet morning for only a few of us are on the streets.  And Then I see A tree that causes me to look a second time.


You are only one tree in the forest
A city park in the aftermath of the ice storm
At first glance I noticed nothing
and I almost just drove by
And then I happened to look again
So rarely do I look again
and there at your feet
the fallen one
and you are reaching down as if to bring the departed
back to the place
where it lived with your for years
Branches grasping for and leaning
But it will do no good
As you lean farther and farther to your friend on the ground
Will you join
Will you return to upright
If you join, you will accomplish nothing
If you remain strong and reach upward you will accomplish much more

It is good to mourn the loss of your companion
It is
It is important
and it is important to know that it is not your time

So rarely do I look again


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