I see you staring at my porch

Waiting for the moment to approach when the ferals leave the food I left for them
And you make a meal of a morsel
I love that you visit me
And your mate is also striking in her look
but none I have seen compare to you

You sit in contrast
A splash of red
in a pallette of browns, grey and amber
the colors of earth’s winter
you are of the sky
and add rounded form and warmth to
sharp lines and the cold that surrounds you.

I am thankful you are safely perched
and a frequent day visitor to my home
be watchful
be safe
feel welcome

The suet left below you is an offering
and invites your safe return
you need not risk a visit to the feline trough
I need you to be here and
bring color to my life

For that is what you do.

2 thoughts on “RED

  1. Beautiful. And so is the cardinal. I counted eight of them under my bird feeders yesterday. I somehow think my parents are visiting when I see them. It isn’t logical, but a male cardinal makes me think of both of them…they were such colorful people.

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