Content? or Contents?

P1420853Do you see this goofy thing?  Of course you do.  And I own it.  Well I will own it for only a week perhaps.  I hope.  I will assume.  This is a WowWee alive singing Elvis Karaoke machine.  And I own it.  It retailed when new for over $300.  I paid far less.

Over the past decade I have read about, or watched on the news, or in my most recent life, seen on the web, stories of Black Friday stampedes.  Arrests, injuries, and even deaths because someone got some “door buster” deal at a Walmart, reaching the prized electronic device a split second before another.  The resulting action will change someone’s life forever.

Two people who had never met, decided to camp out hours before the 4 am opening of some crazy box store in order to be among the first to pillage the contents of the targeted retailer.  These two strangers would be surrounded and crushed by surprisingly large hordes of similarly minded folks.  And like gladiators, eventually fight to the death in order to present Caesar the prize.

The goal… to increase their contents.  To get more stuff.  To get even more stuff so they can gift someone some more stuff.  Someone is getting an Elvis Karaoke machine whether they want it or not.  And I thank you.

How do I know this?  I am a seller of the unwanted to the “I want.”  I have a couple of Ebay auction sites.  And for over 10 years I have bought and sold stuff.  I make a living of sorts.  My life is NOT the stuff of American Pickers or Auction Kings or Storage Wars.  Though I participate in all of those types of activities.

I comb the driveways, yards, thrift stores, auction houses, flea markets and estate sales in the cities I have lived or visited.  How else can you find a used Elvis Karaoke machine and make a quick buck or two?

And I can count on my picking success.  Because folks don’t seem to get it anymore.  I pass no judgement.  I just enjoy my process and pilgrimage.   I know people are lining up right now to buy things that will be appearing soon in a driveway near you.

A focal point in my life journey is Philippians 4:11, ” I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”

And I am content.  And I have storage units filled with contents that I will sell.  I am not certain whether I am a picker gone bad, or a hoarder on the mend.

But in the words of my buddy Elvis.  “Thank you very much”  Someday this week Elvis will leave the building.

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