notcrop  I peer out my East facing bedroom window to the neighbor’s field and the outbuilding and the sunrise to the Southeast.  Happy Thanksgiving.  I languish in bed a little longer than usual.  The 4 dogs are surrounding me. Happy,  Happy Thanksgiving.  And then this thought.  I ponder on this verse, it sticks in my head.

Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.  John 8:32

And I look out the window and realize that freedom is not what it once was.  Because truth is not what it once was.  The Truth is what it is.  I know the Truth.  Perhaps since President Clinton made it clear or unclear to us “it depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is”…..The world view of truth appears to have changed.

If knowing the truth will set you free, does that not then mean the reciprocal is this… spinning the truth could enslave.  And there has always been “spin”, but now we have hours and hours of spin.  And as spin goes…. so goes freedom.  Or so I think.  And this is MY blog.  So this is the truth.

I see enslaved people everywhere.  People are tied in knots.  Angry and filled with rage.  Enslaved to pursuing the American dream.  Enslaved to Debt.  Enslaved to Wealth.

I am saddened.  I pray slaves will be set free… Freedom is a very good thing.  Freedom is the product of truth.

By the way.  I live on a city lot near downtown Tulsa.  It is a beautiful morning and sunrise.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  I will, mine.


2 thoughts on “Enslaved

  1. God bless Bob. For me this verse means that the truth is we are free in Christ. We allow ourselves to be enslaved in all the other junk. I try to remember this in times of tribulation, but alas, I’m am often not successful.

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